Challenge & Creation Sekonic’s product development process is all about the evolution of technologies, the fostering of human resources, and cherishing the heart.
Business Fields


◎ Optical and Electronic Instrument

  • Product image : Light Meter Color Meter Illuminometer
    Light Meter
    Color Meter
  • Product image : Optical Mark Reader (OMR)
    Optical Mark Reader
  • Product image : μ-chip Reader
    Color Meter

Sekonic has been developing and marketing a wide range of products based on optical technologies accumulated since its foundation, including the exposure meters satisfying world-wide photographers, as well as optical mark readers (OMR) enhancing work efficiency. In addition, Sekonic has developed the world's first stand-alone spectrometer with flash measurement, which can be useful for controlling light sources not only in the photography and cinematography filed but also in the industry field.

◎ Instrumentation

  • Product image : Hygrothermograph
  • Product image : Industrial Recorder
    Industrial Recorder
  • Product image : Viscometer

Sekonic's hygrothermographs and industrial recorders, which bring together its instrumentation and mechatronic technologies, offer superb responsiveness and operability and are used in a wide range of fields, from general environmental measurement to spedialized phsical and chemical analysis. Furthermore, the company's oscillating viscometer, which measures the viscosity of liquids, and other instruments are highly rated in many industrial circles.

◎ Video Equipment

  • Product image : Surveillance Camera
    Surveillance Camera

With the increased security concerns of recent years, Sekonic is using its integrated design-to-production technology to advance into the surveillance camera market. Moreover, the company is estabilishing production sites overseas to create products that are competitive in the global market.

◎ Parts Technology

  • Product image : Electro-Luminescence
  • Product image : Flexible Printed Ciruit Board
    Flexible Printed Ciruit Board

Utilizing the precision technology Sekonic has developed for offering built-in exposure control for cameras, the company provides high-precision circuit board mouting on a contract basis, mainly for flexible boards used in OA and industrial equipment. In fields where Sekonic can apply its proprietary inorganic Electro-Luminescence (EL) technology, the company is now focusing on development of new applications that combine the special features of EL and other new materials.

◎ Office Equipment

  • Product image : Coppier

Sekonic manufactures copying machine peripherals (automatic document feeders, automatic collators, and various kinds of paper feeders, etc.), printers and other equipment on a contract basis.