Challenge & Creation Sekonic’s product development process is all about the evolution of technologies, the fostering of human resources, and cherishing the heart.
Message from the President

Message from the President

At Sekonic, we uphold the highest of standards in order to: Create “No. 1” products.

Sekonic is No. 1 in the world for exposure meters and No. 1 in Japan for optical mark readers (OMR).

Since its foundation, Sekonic has continued to meet the challenge of developing and revolutionizing technologies in the field of optomechatronics. The company prides itself on the high standards it follows to create high quality, high value-added products.

As it has grown and evolved, the Sekonic Group has developed into three main business fields: Optical Information Instruments, Electronic Parts, and Consignment Manufacturing, but our commitment to the creation of high quality, high value-added products has remained unchanged. Targeting even niche markets, the Group constantly aims to increase the number of products that earn “No. 1” status. As Sekonic’s market value increases, so too does Sekonic Group’s contribution to the advancement of society.

With the shift to a holding company, Sekonic Holdings Corporation, in April 2012, we will work to add a more optimized group formation to the existing corporate structure and make swift management decisions, boosting our corporate value in a sound and sustainable fashion and joining hands with all stakeholders for a prosperous future.